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Project Reveal | Timeless Tween Bathroom

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with these clients on various projects since 2016. Their recent project involved adding an en-suite and a spacious living room over their garage. My main challenge in designing this bathroom was making sure that it suited my tween client at her current age while also evolving with her as she grows. To […]

A Well-Designed Home Begins with Exploration

A well-designed home is the backdrop of your life and we’re here to help you craft, curate, and create a home that you love…and that loves you back! Ensuring we capture your vision and provide a solution-driven design is our top priority. We understand that your home is not just a space; it’s a reflection […]

Behind the Scenes of an Interior Design Firm

In my business, everything is interconnected. Updating one aspect often necessitates adjustments in others. When I learned that I needed to overhaul our website, it was more than changing its appearance. Our website hosts crucial links that, when engaged, trigger automation in our client management system. These actions then set off specific workflows in our project management system. […]

How to Prepare for an Interior Design Consultation

Vermont Interior Designer A Well Designed Home Ruxana

If you’ve been contemplating hiring an interior designer but haven’t taken the leap yet, you’re not alone. It’s natural to have questions and concerns about the process, cost, and compatibility.  A consultation is a small investment that ensures a successful partnership and creates a strong foundation for moving forward.  During this meeting, we’ll delve into […]

7 Tips for an Organized and Functional Kitchen

Kitchen with Cambria island stainless appliances

As the heart of the home, kitchens serve as more than just cooking spaces – they’re the epicenter of our homes.  They’re also where we gather, host, and create lasting memories so spending time planning and organizing your kitchen pays dividends.  By enhancing organization and functionality, your kitchen can feel open, look tidy, and serve […]

Elevating Your Interiors with Stylish Finds Part 2

Neutral living room with large art

Let’s continue our discussion of what stylish finds to keep an eye out for when hitting the antique trail.  If you read part one, you’ll know that I like to supplement my client’s styling budget with both new and vintage accessories.  Integrating antiques offers originality and uniqueness so when I’m styling a home, I have […]

Curated Elegance: Elevating Your Interiors with Stylish Finds

Styled bookcases with books and accessories

We have some upcoming installations and that means one thing: STYLING! I discovered years ago that styling is an essential element of a successful interior design installation. Without that layer, the new room just falls flat. When we don’t style a room it looks like it was robbed…. by a very tidy thief. It takes […]

Essential Drawings You Need For a Renovation

Vermont ski house fireplace detail

If you’ve worked with me you’ll know my mantra is “Good design takes time.”  Planning a well-designed home doesn’t happen quickly.  A good design plan requires two things: a lot of drafting and a copious amount of coffee. We’ll explore the different types of design drawings that will guide you on your path to a […]

Countertop Slab Selection Tips

Now that you’ve found the PERFECT slab, you might be wondering what the next steps are. These are my top countertop selection tips. In a previous post, I shared What to Expect When Visiting a Slab Yard.  This is part two of that post.  Be sure to read part one. Choose an Expert Fabricator This […]

Navigating Renovation Surprises: Change Orders, Add-Ons, and Unforeseen Expenses

Traditional home with antiques and artwork

Embarking on a renovation journey? It’s helpful to understand the nuances of change orders, add-ons, and unforeseen project expenses.  While you may consider these “renovation surprises” for those of us in the field, they’re a common occurrence. When a potential client asks me “What if something goes wrong?” I tell them that they’re asking the […]

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