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Decorating your Home with Plants

A lot of our design work revolves around renovation so I don’t discuss decorating a lot.  We have some full-service installations we’re planning and I thought this was a good opportunity to share a design tip – decorating your home with plants! Every room we style has flowers and plants.  Not only do they breathe […]

Cozy Bedroom Decorating Tips

Cozy Vermont Bedroom with chair and ottoman and faux fur

It’s snowing!!  Is there a better way to spend a snowy, Sunday morning than by snuggling in bed with the dog and a cup of coffee? We spend a third of our lives sleeping and yet bedrooms are often the last room that people decorate.  I challenge you to take a moment to assess your […]

Interior Design Inspired by Nature: Biophilic Design

Mountain Vacation Home Douglas Fir Wood with Vermont Slate and Hubbardton Forge Light

Vermonters often say, “We were green before it was cool.” As a designer based in Vermont, I will one day say, “I was a biophilic designer before it was cool.” Biophilic design simply means it’s inspired by nature.  Classic biophilic elements are inspired by nature’s inherent beauty and serenity. The concept is to bring the […]

Shopping Guide – Made in Vermont

Woman with hot chocolate and Christmas tree

Earlier this fall, I posted a poll on Instagram asking what type of content people would be interested in.  My vote was tablescapes, because I love them!  Imagine my surprise when Gift Guides had the largest number of votes. As a small business owner, I wanted my inaugural shopping guide to celebrate the spirit and […]

Holiday Survival Tips

Evergreen tree with white throw and gifts

In our Facebook Group, we’re hosting Countdown to the Holidays.   You might be wondering why an interior designer would be hosting an event like that.  Well….let me tell you!  Before I opened my interior design firm, I was an event planner, and while I was in college I became a certified floral designer.  It was […]

Ways to Responsibly Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

Are you gearing up for a renovation or a new home build? If so, you’re probably wondering which pieces you want to reuse in your new space.   But then you’re left with the question: what do you do with the furniture that won’t make the cut?  This post dives into ways to responsibly get rid […]

How to Prepare for your Renovation or New Construction Project

When it comes to construction projects, last-minute decisions can be a common source of stress and delays. In our Get Organized for Your Renovation workshop, someone asked the question “Why are decisions so last minute?” While every project will have some last-minute decisions if you’re making most of your decisions at the eleventh hour then […]

Project Reveal | Boho Chic Pajama Lounge

Pillows on cozy sofa with a lot of texture

I first began working with my Saddle Ridge clients in 2016 when they hired me to design their garconniere (aka man cave.)  Over the years, we’ve worked on a variety of their projects and when they contacted me to help them with an addition over their garage I said HECK YES! My clients collaborated with […]

Furniture Quality – Good, Better, Best

Great Room with coffee table and large sectional in mountain vacation home

No one likes surprises when it comes to money. Working within our clients’ budgets is a fundamental part of what we do.  We are the stewards of our clients’ budgets because we aren’t just their partner – we’re their advocate and ally.  It’s important to have a realistic understanding of what it will cost to […]

What to Expect When Visiting a Slab Yard

Unless you’re an interior designer, no one thinks about countertops unless they’re in the midst of remodeling a kitchen or bath. Even fewer people know what to expect when visiting a slab yard. Our design combined with client mandates determines the countertop material I select.  Not only do I specify the countertop material, I specify […]

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