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Ways to Responsibly Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

Are you gearing up for a renovation or a new home build? If so, you’re probably wondering which pieces you want to reuse in your new space.   But then you’re left with the question: what do you do with the furniture that won’t make the cut?  This post dives into ways to responsibly get rid of unwanted furniture.

Stretching Your Budget by Reusing Your Furniture

When considering which furniture to keep or let go of, remember that balance is key. As a rule of thumb, keeping more than 45% of your existing furniture will not allow you to achieve a fresh look and feel in your new space. However, reusing furniture can extend your budget, allowing you to allocate funds for other critical aspects of your renovation or new build.

Many homeowners embarking on a renovation don’t catalog their furniture.  They pre-decide what pieces they want to keep without actually doing a furniture layout or taking measurements.  When they begin furnishing the new space, they realize many of the pieces they saved won’t work.  That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to do your space planning in conjunction with the construction drawings.

To catalog your furniture, you’ll want to measure and photograph all of the furniture you intend to reuse in your updated space.  As you begin the furniture space plan, you can refer to this catalog and ‘shop’ from your own furniture.

Repurposing for Uniqueness

Sometimes, repurposing furniture can be more expensive than buying something new. A classic example is reupholstering a sofa.  I only recommend clients consider reupholstery when a piece is very sentimental or it is in excellent condition AND of high quality.   When that criteria is met, it guarantees a one-of-a-kind piece that I know my client will love, because they already love it!  This allows me to create something truly customized and unique while reducing waste in our landfills.  This is not the most economical option but it is the best for the environment.

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Responsible Furniture Rehoming

When it comes to rehoming furniture, it can take a lot of time and energy.  However, it is the most sustainable option for our planet.  If you opt to do this, make sure the furniture is conveniently located and in one space.  That way, it’s much easier to coordinate with potential buyers for pickups. However, if selling involves complicated scenarios like digging items out of storage units or garages, or worse, multiple spaces it might not be worth your time and energy. In such cases, donating the furniture becomes the more practical option.

Donating with Care

In rural areas like mine, the options for furniture consignment stores and secondhand shops that offer pickup services might be limited. However, local charities can be a viable solution. It’s important to note that many non-profits have restrictions on what they will accept. Items must be in good condition, as anything less can end up costing the organization to dispose of. Surprisingly, people are often on the lookout for DIY projects, and even outdated or distressed furniture can find new homes.

The key to responsible furniture rehoming is to consider the environmental impact, your time and energy, and the potential joy that your old furniture could bring to someone else’s life. It’s a way to declutter your home and make space for new beginnings while doing some good for your community.

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Central Vermont Donation Resources


Open Door Mission

Resource VT

Habitat for Humanity

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Central Vermont Resale Resources

Facebook Marketplace (Clients have had excellent success on this platform!)

Perfect Piece Consignments


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