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How to stretch your design dollar

Kitchen Design

Here at RHILLC we’ve been busy with a variety of projects.  One of these jobs was incredibly robust.  It involved a 10,000 sq ft home that had been neglected and was in such disrepair, the entire house had to be lifted and a new foundation constructed.  The home needed to be gutted.  Though starting from scratch may […]

You’ve got Problems and we’ve got Solutions

I just booked my flight for High Point, North Carolina.  For those of you unfamiliar with High Point (often referred to as ‘Market’ by those of us in the industry), the town that hosts the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the WORLD.  It is over 10 million square feet and has roughly 2000 vendors.  […]

Space Planning Before and After

Last week we measured for a new project.  It is imperative to take our time when we measure a new project because I want to make sure we capture all the information we need.  Good space planning doesn’t happen by accident and ending well really depends upon how we begin. Space planning is an art AND […]

Interior Designers Aren’t Interior Decorators

Last fall a high school student, Sara, joined the RHI family as an intern.   She is incredibly smart and dedicated; in fact, she’s the valedictorian of her class.  It is a privilege to have her on our team. To prepare for Sara’s internship, I mapped out a variety of lessons that I believed would […]

Good Design Takes Time…. and Knowledge

I was cleaning out my electronic files and stumbled across this photograph I took last summer.  It’s a close-up of the ladies room floor at the New York Mets’ Citi Field baseball stadium. Glamorous, I know.   I took the photograph because I noticed that the designers used the Mets’ logo colors for the floor. […]

Vermont Christmas Decorating Tip

Labrador Ribbon Christmas Decorating

Christmas was my mother’s favorite time of year so I can say that my love of Christmas decorating came honestly. I saw the joy it brought her.  She saw Christmas as a time of purity, love, generosity and beauty… and she passed that spirit on to me. We love using fresh greens in our Christmas decorating […]

Incorporating Souvenirs into your Decor

Venice Canal

A few years ago, while on vacation in Chile, we toured poet Pablo Neruda’s former home (now a museum).  What impressed me the most about his home was that it was filled with beautiful art and sculpture.  It was like walking around an art gallery.  I was so inspired that I convinced my husband to […]

Working with an interior design firm

Earlier this month, I made a presentation to a civic organization sharing how working with an interior designer will save a client time AND money. Working with a full-service interior design firm allows a client to work on everything at once.  We create a cohesive plan which includes: creating a floor plan, selecting flooring, designing […]

Protecting your Investments

Sun bleached floor

In Vermont we LIVE for the days when light streams through our windows but that very same light is damaging to our furniture, flooring and art work.  Why let light ruin your investments when the answer is simple: window treatments!  Floors and furniture should not have tan lines! Our firm sells two types of window […]

My TOP Bathroom Upgrades

Are you thinking of renovating a guest bath this year?  Consider adding one or more of these elements that we’ve employed in recent projects.  They add a touch of luxury and are gratifying upgrades. Under-Vanity Lighting is a great way to soften light but it’s also highly recommended for clients aging in place.  Plus, your guests […]

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