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Behind the Scenes of an Interior Design Firm

In my business, everything is interconnected. Updating one aspect often necessitates adjustments in others. When I learned that I needed to overhaul our website, it was more than changing its appearance. Our website hosts crucial links that, when engaged, trigger automation in our client management system. These actions then set off specific workflows in our project management system. […]

Books to Add to your Reading List

Imagine unwrapping a book on Christmas Eve and spending the rest of the evening curled by the fire reading while you sip hot cocoa. That’s a tradition in Iceland called Jolabokaflod which roughly translates as ‘Christmas book flood.’ This is such an important tradition that the Reykjavik Book Fair sends each household a book bulletin […]

Selecting the RIGHT paint color

Traditional home with antiques and artwork

Did you know that 40% of the paint sold in the United States is to correct PREVIOUS color mistakes? Yep. It’s true. A common error people make is selecting the paint color first and then making decisions about the remainder of the room. Although I ALWAYS recommend paint color last, this isn’t always possible. For […]

Do something different

Last year, we updated our branding. Part of the brand refresh was getting new headshots. When it came time to update my headshots, I decided to do something different. I had recently attended an event where the speaker, Amy Porterfield, talked about the importance of doing things differently. Her words stuck with me, and when I […]

Cultivating Gratitude

Woman with tea cup smiling

Several years ago I began using Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map daily planner. Her planners contain a daily prompt to list three things for which we’re grateful. I’m happy to say that practicing gratitude has become a daily habit. Gratitude is a wonderful way to stay present and focus on the people and things in our lives […]

Rutland, Vermont’s beautiful Post Office

vermont mural

I was born to be a designer.  Unfortunately, though, I didn’t come to that realization until AFTER I entered college as an English Lit Major.  As an English major, I read: A LOT. Most weeks I read four to six books at a time.  So, it was always a joy to read short stories.  One […]

Zone of Genius

If you’ve booked an Introductory Chat or Design Consultation with us, then you’re familiar with our scheduling software: Acuity.  Clients LOVE this software!  They have access to our firm’s calendar and can schedule their meetings anytime day or night.   Although I love the software, the autoresponders and reminders I created within the software lack inspiration […]

Hiring the Right Person for the Job is Essential to Good Design

As a child I remember “helping” my dad with a project.  He asked me to stir the can of paint he just opened so I grabbed a nearby screwdriver and began to stir.  My father (the left-brained engineer) was horrified and the look on his face was so dire that I jumped away from the […]

The Importance of Trade Shows

Every year I attend at least one large, national trade show along with a few regional ones.  I’m not one for trends and at Ruxana’s Home Interiors LLC, our mantra is CLASSIC, but while it IS important for us to keep a pulse on trends, that isn’t the reason I attend shows.  The fact is, attending shows allows […]

Travel Inspires and Educates

If you’ve been a follower for any length of time, you will know that I love to travel.  Travel is important and I consider it an imperative part of my ongoing education.  Travel inspires and refills my creative reserves.  More profoundly, it exposes me to fresh design concepts, new products, trending colors and it provides real-life illustration of the impact […]

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